Friday, June 1, 2012

Diddy's Son Receives a UCLA Scholarship

Much buzz the last day or so has been over whether Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs son Justin Dior Combs should accept a full athletic scholarship to play football at UCLA.  ‘Diddy’ whose estimated net worth is at $500 million dollars according to Forbes.  However does Diddy’s great wealth automatically disqualify his son from receiving and accepting an athletic scholarship?  Those that are crying over the fact that Justin Combs received a scholarship are not looking at the achievement and gratification that goes into accepting a scholarship for the athlete and parent.  A high school athlete who aspires to be a college athlete has to put in hours of extra practice to hone in on their sport.  Many times a parent is very influential in guiding a child to not only play but to excel in a sport.  From hitting ground balls on the weekend, to seeking the best private instructors, to giving small tips on the phone after a bad game.  Parents do much of the grit work for many young athletes.  So, to ask Diddy and his son to not accept a scholarship that was earned by athletic achievement, is not only hurtful to Justin; but hurtful to a parent who may be even more excited than his son. 

On another note if Diddy wants to still pay for his son's schooling after the fact or give a nice check covering his sons athletic scholarship expenses to UCLA.  I think everyone would be grateful, and it would be a very noble deed. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hottest MC's 2012

Each year Sway from MTV gathers together a panel of hip hop enthusiast to debate the years hottest mc's within the rap game.  I decided to make my own list and compare it to the MTV list.   Let me know what you think.

MTV List                                                                My List

1. Rick Ross                                                          1)    Rick Ross
2. Drake                                                                 2)    Kanye West
3. Kanye West                                                       3)     Drake                             
4. Nicki Minaj                                                       4)     Lil' Wayne
5. Lil Wayne                                                          5)     Jay-Z
6. Jay-Z                                                                  6)     Nicki Minaj
7. Meek Mill                                                          7)     J. Cole
8. Big Sean                                                             8)     Wale
9. Wiz Khalifa                                                        9)     Meek Mill
10. Wale                                                                 10)    Big Sean/2 Chainz

Hottest Female Athlete CHAMPIONSHIP

Guys, VOTE now to get a winner.  Instead of using the survey tool we have the poll posted on the right side of the screen!  Results are real time.  Help us out and VOTE NOW!!

Best Looking Male Athlete WINNER

CONGRATULATIONS to David Beckham edging out the number one seed Cristiano Ronaldo by just ONE VOTE.  Thanks to all the females who participated in the voting over the last month!!!!!

Best Looking Male Athlete

Is he really the best looking male athlete?  Ladies let us know if we might have missed someone.  Comment below please!

Monday, February 20, 2012